18 years have passed and still no justice have been given to these people. It seems like that massacre has just remained like a story;

                                   Flowers were not stained with blood,

                                       the moon with blood clots…!!!

In a far flung areas of Budgam, a village namely Sangrampora, 5Kp families  weren’t able to leave there motherland due to immense love they had for Maej kashir and they  believed in kashmiriyat. It was March 21 ,1997 when the blood from the bodies mingled with rainwater to turn into pink puddles. 8 kashmiri pandits were taken out from their homes and were killed by unidentified gunmen..but amongst the eight person,one had a very narrow escape. According to the testimony of survivor one of  the  sufferer of black night survived , a 32 years old Hindu men named Ashok Pandita . 

It was around 12 midnight, drizzling, when the gunmen came into the house dressed like a Indian Army Soldier.From the first house he took Triloki Nath and his two sons outside, from the second house they took Bushan lal son of Balbadar and Sanjay son of Krishen Lal outside by bluffing them that ” Major is calling ” them. After a brief conversation, they rounded up the members of Hindu household and asked them ” Is any Muslim living nearby? ” . The pandit answered ” yes two families ” One of the gunmen replied” Thats good !! It might be benifitting you” The other members were sitting in the room and they could hear strange noise coming. Fear griped them and finally they (Pyaare Lal and Ashok Pandita) realised that all was not well and it was time for them to move outside and they saw gunmen were talking loudly and they got a slight idea that some major activity was underfoot. As soon as they reached there they were caught.The brutality act had now started forming its way they were ordered to align them in line  and move into the lands ; this was the land on which the families of the Kashmiri Pandit depended for their sustainance. At one spot they were asked to remove their clothes , spectacles

remains of killed ones

but Ashok kept his watch, it had been gifted to him by his father. Avtar krishan spoke “What is our fault we have always stayed here.. We didnt even leave for Jammu..Why are you doing this to us?  One of the Pandit, Sanjay started to plead  with the militants “Please leave us..we have small children..What have we done?? He begged!! One of the militants hit him with his gun and abused him.” Then Sanjay tried his best to take advantage of the situation and jumped off bumpy land and suddenly militants cocked their rifles and began the indiscriminate firing and Sanjay was shot dead followed with other men.Before they disappeared, the militants kicked the bodies to check if anyone was still breathing.But they missed Ashok Pandita and he survived . He was shot in the leg and had held his breath while they were checking. Due to the turbulence of the rifles the next door villagers came and helped them out. They took Ashok Pandita back to the home but failed to provide him any medical aid due to the lack of facilities at that time. Treatment was provided to him after police came at 7 Am in the morning. 2.5 Hb was left till the time he was taken for a medical aid. He was being admitted in the hospital for 6 months and till now the problem is prevailing….

I am a survivor !! A living example of what people can go through and survive
family of killed once
Family of the killed ones…
sangrampora.jpg 11
Religions makes people kill each other and science supplies them with weapons..!!
But we were fools!! Though we know something was afoot we refuse to believe that our turn would come soon…

I heard from elders.

                                   One who sows the seeds of murder and pain

                                                    cannot reap the joy of love….!!